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We love short films.

We promote them.

Over the years, we have created an ecosystem where interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking short films can flourish and talented filmmakers get the chance they deserve to showcase their creativity. With the several online and offline initiatives in the pipeline, we are exploring strategies to distribute and monetize the content, on a non-exclusive basis with the film makers, so that those who create the films can actually benefit while being unbound and independent.

At Filmbooth, our journey has just begun. We want to provide an open platform, for interaction and collaboration, to all storytellers and film makers who want to share their point of view with the world. And in this endeavor we are inviting you to submit your short films. If this interests you and if you feel that you and Filmbooth can work together, then you are most welcome to join us in our journey.

You can download the Sign-up form which has the detailed terms & conditions. Please remember to fill up a separate form for each short film you want to submit with us, and email the soft copy of the form(s) to us at

We look forward to your participation and working together!

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